Eat Less, Stay Blessed

Like all good Nigerians (in the know), an NGO is a good multple source of income. But that aside, it’s obvious with no stretch of the imagination, that there is too much “eating” going on in this country. Yes, some dont have enough to it while others are making up for them by eating 3,4,5 time their share in food.
And what have we got to show for all these over-eating and over-eaters? More frequent trips to the hospital (for those who can afford it), huge obscene bellies and thick cellulosic thighs and upper arms.
And what in all that’s holy is a “love handle”? Ok, maybe because I havent got any “love” in my life, that’s why I cant appreciate love handles. But frankly, ladies with love handles need not apply – unless you are of course Abacha’s daughter (think no more need for chasing after multiple streams of income!) in which case a justifiable exception may be made.
So I am starting an NGO (still searching for the right name) and our first campaign will be named “eat less, stay blessed”. Our goal is to redistribute the eating a little more equally. Like the French’s constitution states: “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” (for all people in all things).
All these talk of eating has made me hungry, so before I really get in the fray, excuse me for a minute while I grab a bite to eat.

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