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Impaired Judgement

Impaired Judgement I shouldn’t write anything for a while. My judgement is impaired. Not from drinks or alcohol. I did take a break once a long time ago. Then a short one recently. But it seems it wasn’t long enough. … Continue reading

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She is Iwo Jima

She is Iwo Jima She is Iwo Jima Men like myself Hoped to survive Make it to the end To plant the flag Amidst the raging storm To make a stake Never mind the shells But I broke myself on┬áher … Continue reading

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FI-ne and FI-erce

FI-ne and FI-erce She’s fine and she’s fierce She’s fierce and she’s fine She’s altogether something She’s definitely the real thing If fortune smiles on you And she calls you her boo Know that there are rules They are as … Continue reading

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