The Marbles of Men

All men (and women) are born with a bag of marbles slung over their shoulders. Don’t look in the mirror, it’s not visible.
This bag of marbles is both a curse and a blessing. It’s what makes on sane and also places on the same person the burden of conscience, love, hate, and so on.
As fate would have it, not all the marbles are of the same size and the size and content of each man’s bag is as random and many as the stars in the heavens.
There is an ongoing debate about what makes a perfect bag. As there are obviously no perfect men, one can conclude that there are no perfect bags.
It is easier to determine what is not a perfect bag than to find the perfect bag – no single person can do so in his life time and most people that claim to have the perfect bag are usually almost running empty.
It is certain that if you are artistically gifted to any noticeable extent, your bag is definitely short of some right-sized marbles – examples are the artistes and artists.
As usual, can we but not touch on that everlasting discuss on the relationship between good and evil.
There are men who are so short of marbles as to be jaundiced and there are men who are just plain evil.
Unfortunately, it’s sometimes difficult to tell the difference.
To complicate matters, there are men who are almost without marbles and at the same time just plain evil.
Some men who have lost all their marbles find themselves in position of power (Hitler) and so arrive at a position where they can almost get away with anything – they are labeled as geniuses by the beneficiaries and tyrants and despots by the victims. Yes, Hitler was also evil.
The men who have lost all their marbles and have no power are those wondering around in rags like the one just down your street trying to hump a power pole.

The more your marbles are either not of the right size and/or quantity, the more your deviation from that bag which we designate as perfect.

The prize goes of course to the person who first discovers a man with a perfect bag.

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