From time to time, I ask myself what’s the point of it all.
You live, you die. You grow up, build a house and raise some kids. So what? You start an NGO and ease the burden of the less privileged. For how long? And where will they be tomorrow? Have more kids than they can care for? Most of them become less privileged because their less privileged parents decided to have 6 kids on a no-kid income.
It’s questionable if poverty should be called a “vicious cycle”. All it needs is for one person to keep his pecker in his trousers or a lady to keep her legs together. But we cant. We are “social” creatures and society demands we conform to all its norms even when it’s injurious to our well-being. That’s against the basic rights of the human being to self-determination and the pursuit of happiness. That was a load of croc – pure bullshit. We are just plain undisciplined. The blackman just dont cut it.
The Westerners ask themselves continuosly “are we there yet?”, the blackman forgets to even ask himself anything and when he does, it’s likely to be “are we dead yet?” – and if it’s not, it should be (for all the “good” we do in the world.)  Another nail in Darwin’s coffin – natural selection (survival of the fittest) should have made Africa bereft of human beings but what do we have instead – a bunch of humans proliferating like ants – apologies to ants – there is more order in an ant hill than a typical African city.
F**k it all I say. Bring Armmageddon NOW! Bring it on! End the misery of many just “surviving” – for what – a better day? That’s what their parents and grandparents thought, but they are now bleached bones lying 6 feet under (if they are lucky).

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