BVN scam

BVM Scam

I got an SMS today with the text below from +234-812-273-9332.

“Dear Customer, Due to the BVN validation in compliance with CBN bank directives, your ATM card has been De_activated call our help line on 08109310498 now.”

So I called the number. Listened briefly to some Nigerian artiste belting out a popular track before some fellow came on the line. Completely unprofessional sounding greeting.

“Afternoon. I got an SMS that my ATM card has been de-activated and I am to call this number.” I said.

“Oh. Are you one of those who got that message. We are sorry. We are working on that now.
Do you have your card there with you so we can re-activate it immediately?”

“Yes” I replied.

“Is it Mastercard or VISA?”


“There’s a 16 digit number on the front. Can you call it out?”

I guess I hesitated a little too long while thinking of an appropriate response (something about how he should get a life instead of running a 419 scam was on my mind) because he dropped the call.

It’s funny how he didn’t mention any bank’s name throughout the conversation.
I ran the number that sent the original SMS through Truecaller and got the entry: “Destiny E1”
I ran the number 08109310498 through Truecaller and not the single entry: “Scam Lacasera Ibrahim”

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1 Response to BVN scam

  1. Idileke says:

    My God! I got almost the same message. I wanted to call back but thanks to my creator I had no credit on my phone that day. I looked around to get but wasn’t successful. Every disappointment is surely a blessing. Awon Olosi oniranu.

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