Rango makes unscripted appearance

Rango makes unscripted appearance

I was working late in the office of a big client. And as is usually the case, once the pressure of work eases up, staff start to talk. I wasn’t part of the conversation but when I started to laugh towards the end, they commented that they assumed I still had my earphones on (which I did earlier). So the funniest of the group of three was holding fort:

“… I just want a good girl.
But where dem dey? Ladies of nowadays are all “Instagram girls” O!
e get one girl I don dey trip for.
A few days ago I come de lift dey come office. The girl come de inside the lift too.
she no wear make up.
I just vex!
I think to myself say na so you look without make up??!!
You know Rango? Na Rango she resemble (at this point he brought up a full bust picture of Rango the lizard on his laptop)
The thing way vex me pass be say
As you know once you don dey stay with the lady
dem no go dey wear make up again
So, na so-so vex I go dey vex everyday (every time I see her face)??!”


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2 Responses to Rango makes unscripted appearance

  1. Ìdílèké says:

    Hmmmmm. Makeup adds to any lady beauty if she applies it well. Which shows that, if he spends money on her, she will actually look the way he wants her.
    He should not be discouraged. What matters most is her inner beauty.
    What is she is beautiful and doesn’t have good manners?
    Men love to be deceived alot.
    After all, na packaging jooor. Everyone is beautifully made by God’s.
    Gba bee.

  2. Damilola says:

    My phone sometimes types nonsense. Just forget about the errors and consider the points. lol

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