A feel good story

A feel good story

A feel good story for a Friday night

I look out the window. I am seated in the back of a salon car. The driver had his foot down on the accelerator. We hurtled down the expressway.
The cars looked like they were idling or had no plans for the evening.
I had no plans either. I placed a call. Afterwards even I thought it was too formal. But I had already said too much a couple of weeks before.

But this is supposed to be a feel good story for a Friday night. It’s already reading like it’s going down some dark back alley where bad things happen.

I pulled myself back from the brink. Life is too short not to live it. If there is anything like a true cliche, that’s it.

A feel good story for a Friday night.

Well. I was coming from a client engagement that went fairly well. But very few people get excited by a well configured system and even fewer can tell a subroutine from an application server.

A feel good story for a Friday night.

We are at the tail end of my journey. It’s shorter than I expected. I paid the fare and swung my laptop bag over my shoulder.

I am a romantic. I just find it difficult to express emotions. What’s all these South American soap operas about? Looks like someone went and made the old girlie book series “mills and boon” into TV series in Mexican or Spanish and then dubbed English over it then called the whole thing “Telly Mondo”.
I will see how long I can stand it. I know at least one very intelligent person that’s hooked on it so it can’t be too bad.

No power as usual but there is fuel in the generator so I could chill in front of the TV.

A feel good story for a Friday night.

I have to decide whether I feel good. But having to make that decision itself makes me think I don’t feel good.

There is chocolate in the fridge.

I put on the TV. I am drawn to the crime and investigation channel.

But this is supposed to be a feel Good Friday. Or is it just a feel good story for a Friday.

I switched to the Telly Mondo channel. Some Spanish girl was being wooed by some guy. Well here goes nothing.

I guess as long as I don’t intend to understand what I was looking at, it’s probably not too bad.


Another lady being wooed. Is it even the same series?

I hefted my bulk off the seat. Which reminds me that I need to get to the gym. Not that I am overweight. But I would like to remain within the BMI for my height. I don’t exactly have a belly. But it all starts from the hint of one. Before you know it what was a slight bulge under your shirt starts to look like a medium sized cooking pot. I think cooking pots should reside firmly in the kitchen.

But this is a feel good story for a Friday. Is it Saturday already.

Time to hit the sack. Not sure what to do with the weekend. But then that doesn’t make it any different from the many before it. Some 2,000 of them give or take a few.

But I shouldn’t think of that. After all it’s a feel good story – for what’s shaping out to be a boring weekend.

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