The Rip

The Rip

Is a 12 Pounds pair of jeans cheap?

Because that’s the story of the jeans in the picture.
My car was at the mechanics overnight on Friday and I was on my way to pick it up on Saturday morning.
I had to take a bus at the bus park in Ajah to the place. I asked the nice looking young lady sitting in front of the empty bus if I could join her. She moved over and as I attempted to get in by raising my left leg up and into the front followed by the right when the trousers split down the inner side of my thigh (see the picture below). This was a regular 10-seater bus so you can imagine how high (not too high) I had to raise my leg to get in.
I am not sure she noticed but I got in as quickly as I could and (fortunately) I had a plastic bag with some stuff in it with me which I placed on my laps with my legs together of course.
I felt quite uncomfortable and couldn’t wait to get away (had to wait for the bus to fill up).
When we got to my stop, I basically alighted like a crab sideways to minimize the chances that anyone would see the tear in my pants.

So I guess a 12 pound pair of jeans is a cheap knock off – what about 20?


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