My Oga At The Top (The Matrix Remix)

Ok. Let me start that by stating that this is in no way meant to ridicule Mr.  Shem. It is just another “fun” remix of this “thing” that has gone viral. In fact, I think he could have taken it in his stride (if not for the sheer number of posts and memes on the issue). As someone commented, how many people of his age even know anything about the Internet (not a completely valid comment in this day and age). I guess he got carried away and rather than just admit he couldn’t remember or didn’t know, he tried to bluff his way out of the situation. I think he can be pardoned for that. We should be ridiculing the more serious offenders stealing our public funds. But as someone suggested, while the Oga’s at the top are busy trying to “work” immunity clauses into the Nigerian constitution to protect themselves from being prosecuted for their crimes against the Nigerian masses and the Nigerian state, can they ask for more than that Nigerians be distracted with some other almost non-issue such as this?

One question: how many of the people “shaming” Mr. Shem have actually taken steps to find out the full website address of the NSCDC? Answer quick before you go looking on google 🙂

My Oga At The Top (The Matrix Remix)

Below is a script for the short clip. I am too lazy to watch the movies (trilogy) and fish out the required sequences. And then do the “mash up” and upload it to YouTube.
Truth be told, I could do it, but it would take a lot of effort and time which my boss won’t appreciate (I have several official tasks pending), so I am putting up the script for anyone out there that is interested. I am sure there are others with much more advanced multimedia skills that can easily and quickly do it.

The clip starts with the dialogue between Agent Smith and Neo. Remember the sequence where Agent Smith is ready to beat up Neo. He removes his glasses and puts them carefully in his breast pocket while talking.
(Voice Over)
Agent Smith (while putting away the glasses): “Mr Anderson, what is the website of NSCDC?”
Neo (posing as usual): “I am sorry I can’t tell you that, you have to ask my Oga at the top.”

Video cuts to Morpheus (that iconic picture of him sitting as if he is on a throne with the dark eye glasses).

Video cuts back to Neo/Smith.

Smith: I hope you are ready to take a bullet for your Oga at the top.

Video cuts to the rooftop where Smith fires at Neo and Neo does the slo-mo leaning-back thingie while dodging all the bullets except the last one that grazes his leg.

(You can go crazy here while repeating a very short part of the sequence – Smith firing repeatedly and Neo leaning back – video basically jerks repeatedly in step to the popular “what is the website of NSCDC” that’s repeated on many of the videos out there on the topic)

Frames from the actual interview here.

Ends with Neo’s rapid hand beating of Agent Smith (while Neo appears to be looking elsewhere).  You can repeat a short sequence here as well to the beat of the song (what’s the website …).

Be creative and mix it up so it fits the sound. Plagiarize a few of those clips already on the web for the music – like all those catchy repeats of “my oga, my oga, eh, my oga at the top, eh, my oga, …” or “what is the website of NSCDC, what is the website of NSCDC, …”

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One Response to My Oga At The Top (The Matrix Remix)

  1. you is a nutter ! brilliant . .. ok the neo leaning sequence i would do S1 he leans back dodges bullet and rises again .. S2 (what is the website ) cut in channels maupe oguns face and mix her wearing trinitys duds and repeat whole sequence ! S3 ask my oga at the top (cutin the architect ) then bring up maupe ogun again as trinity in the phone booth trying to make a call to the Architect ~lol !

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