Under the mid day sun, the drums beat
The music – entrancing
The young women – feet floating
Men young and old – admiring
Little girls admire their beads

The pace is exciting
The tune is enchanting
The atmosphere expectant
The old men nod in the shade
Transported to days of their youth

Little streams of water
From foreheads and under armpits
Glinting like glass
Salty taste in the mouth
Smiling faces all around 

The mood – attracting
The movements – intoxicating
All things new from the earth
The smell of wondrous food
Women stirring huge pots to the rhythm of the beat

I look on in awe
Tentative steps on the edge
The smile – inviting
The hand – outstretching
Beckoning one and all

The circle – embracing
The songs – uplifting
Am I really dancing?
Tomorrow – backbreaking
But today, – breathtaking

The sun is retreating
The wind – encircling
The voices – engaging
A celebration of life
The new yam – imposing

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