Finally back in Lagos. Got to Lagos and went past the Ikorodu turning before remembering the third mainland is likely closed to traffic going towards Victoria Island. Well, I pushed on with the decision to take my chances – got to the bridge and of course there was a diversion there. Had to go round and round and finally ended up on Ikorodu road an hour or so later. Probably spent about 4 hours from Ibadan to the house in Lagos. I suspect the trip would have been shorter if I had taken Lekki-Epe route (like I did going to Ibadan on Saturday afternoon).

Some places in Ibadan now hold poignant memories for me – don’t ask where.

Plenty of “office work” waiting for me. Done some, but I am tired. Maybe I will go to bed early (10PM) and wake up early and see if I can cover some of the outstanding stuff.

Actually, why am I putting all these mundane stuff up? I have read in several places that the secret to writing is to write as much as possible. What you write doesn’t really matter: just write.

What else happened today. I think I have the beginning of a story – thought it up in the car on the way to Lagos – I have the end more or less as well – maybe the whole thing – I just need to stop being lazy and set it down. I think the title will be “The Scent” – but I may change it before I am done with it. It’s a “short” story.
Last couple of days have been very interesting – went to Eruwa yesterday. Need some serious cash now. And when I say serious, I mean cash you can’t put in your handbag  or your man-purse 🙂

Have a great day y’all! And please do stop by again. Feel free to go through the old stuff. I am sure you will find plenty to read – and they are not too long – so I think I can keep your attention for some minutes and make you forget that stuff on your mind for a while. Also, feel free to share the website address with friends. The increase in traffic is welcome and appreciated!

Have a great week. When we meet, we will smile.

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