Blogging Hiatus

Blogging Hiatus

I think I really should stop writing (along with a few other things). All the stuff I have written in the past few weeks have brought nothing but trouble. I don’t think I will be missed much anyways. How many people even read this stuff? And there are thousands other blogs on and

So I am going on a blogging hiatus. Not sure for how long. May be 5 minutes or forever. We shall see how it shakes out.

I have lost my superhero status. Not quite a villain yet, but I need to stop working on getting there.

A colleague recently mentioned one way to lose weight involuntarily (not that I am looking to do so), but I think she was right. I haven’t eaten at all today, and I still don’t feel hungry at 7:30PM. Which I guess would be nice if I was actually looking to lose some weight. And if I could actually do something constructive in the meantime instead of just … doing absolutely nothing.

So, I have given myself permission to ramble a little since I am taking a break. I am thinking of going back to school. Well, not physically. I am thinking of a relatively new Masters degree at my Alma Mater (OAU) which is mostly online,  so I should be able to combine it with “work”.  Though a break from Lagos once in a while is not necessarily a bad thing.

Which reminds me of a comment a colleague at work made to me a couple of months ago: “It’s like you just recently discovered your mum lives in Ibadan eh?”

No, smart ass, I grew up in Ibadan 🙂

But I truly think I need to take off and roam this country. And it’s looking like something I may start doing soon. With my trusty Garmin GPS unit, my car, some cash, and my ATM card in my pocket, what could possibly go wrong?

After all, the Zombie Apocalypse (seriously, that again?) hasn’t yet happened. So this is the time for such things. And I can still run like the wind and skip a little if necessary (not too old yet). Won’t it be interesting if I actually helped precipitate the apocalypse?

But first, I need to contact Mila J. A blood transfusion from her to me is in order. If I am too survive the Zombie infestation, I must be ready for the Umbrella Corporation.

And let’s not forget that I need to learn to kick ass first!

Speaking of which, I should look around for some dojo where I can enroll with a Master that will take it easy on me. My bones are too creaky for some of the more fanciful poses the younger ones can strike.

Just BB’ing with my sis on and off during the day. And no, the topic is off limits (well, until I compulsively put it up).

I am trying to convince myself that I am not bad, creepy, evil, and a whole lot of other things. Let me pretend I am just “intense” instead of all those negative things. And compulsive at times (translate: don’t know when to stop). I think I am getting there, but I need to move fast – as they say, I am on the clock!

Bad habits – hmm, procrastination, room is a little shabby, (but hey, I keep my teeth clean), procrastination (again for emphasis), what else? Someone help me out here.

What do the psycho-analyst people call it? Writing as a form of therapy (the actual phrase/word I am looking for eludes me)

But there is something obviously wrong (I think) if I am writing this in the dark with my laptop running on an inverter, so I am packing this up, getting dressed and going to The Palms. I will just hang out and watch happy people drift by, may be I will join them soon, but not today.

And if there is a good film on show, I will go sit in the middle seat of the middle row and lose myself for a couple of hours in some cinema magic. I can imagine myself up there on the big screen bringing the wicked to justice and saving the world at the same time – and don’t forget the hero gets the girl!

It’s now 8:50PM. I started writing over an hour ago I think. Time to bring the rambling to a close and get started on that hiatus. I can’t guarantee the length of it, but rest assured it will be a couple of hours at least!

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1 Response to Blogging Hiatus

  1. aitayemi says:

    Now I know what it feels like not to eat for a whole day or about 26hours. I may have done it in the past, but it must have been a long time ago. Now, I am hungry but not interested. I will take a can of malt. Maybe I will eat in the morning, God willing. But for now, I shall lay me down and hope sweet sleep will still my thoughts.

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