Detailing T-Rex

OK. I must start by confessing that T-Rex wasn’t the original name I gave to the car. It was Betty or some name that struck me in some movie I had seen or so. But later, I thought what kind of name is that for a guy’s car? So I changed it to T-Rex.

Well, I had promised myself that I would “bond” with T-Rex in many ways when I got hold of it. But when it finally arrived, I was too lazy to do any of the stuff I had dreamt up: Wash it regularly, wax it, apply anti-rust to it, etc . All stuff I had read about on the several Internet sites I visited when preparing to acquire T-Rex and while waiting for it to be delivered!

I have had it washed at various car-wash centers (if you can call them that) in the past though. And a few times, I have washed the body myself.

My general plan was to wash it once or twice a month, but I hadn’t had it washed in the last couple of months or so. In recent months, I sometimes get it washed when I go to Ibadan. So I took the decision that the next time I was in Ibadan, I will definitely take it to the car wash.

But then someone special commented on how dirty the car was, and that I could take it to the carwash. Though that was in my plans, I had never really been completely satisfied with the end result when it’s washed commercially. They do a relatively good job, but as they say, “the devil is in the details” and the “finishing” is never really to my satisfaction.

So, finally on Sunday after service, I headed to The Palms and bought some micro-fiber cloth which can be used for washing cars, glass and other things without scratching them. Checked out the Cinema, but nothing particularly interesting showing.

Rested a while after I got home, then got two buckets of water and a soap (the refined black soap in a packet – Dudu Osin) and got down to it. My plan was to wash the body first then get down to the interior afterwards. Apart from the wheel wells and the wheels which i didn’t touch at all, I must say I did a thorough job. The car was gleaming by the time I was through. Wash with one cloth, rinse, wipe with the other.

There is of course another reason why I wanted to wash the car myself. I was hoping the physical exertion would give me some respite from my thoughts – but no such luck.

Getting to the interior, I cleared out all the loose papers and other stuff (someone had stuffed some leftover fried confectionery down the compartment behind the driver’s seat – common!)

Got out the carpets, did a little number on their edges with a carpet shampoo I found in the house.

Got out the hoover and hoovered the interior of the car.

Phew! That was enough work for one Sunday.

My cousin came by and commented that she had not seen anyone pay so much attention to “detailing” a car in a long time. She said “someone is a happy owner of a car” to which I responded “Well, this is not exactly enjoyment – it is work.” Though I must say I enjoyed cleaning the car and the result before my eyes afterwards!

On Monday morning, I did another couple of hours before work. Washing the seats (soap, then wipe with water), the door panel, the dashboard, etc.

Finally on Tuesday morning, did another hour or so – washing the interior surface of the windows and windscreen, the door edges, etc.

I think I am satisfied now! Well, there is still the waxing to be done. Oh! And then there are the seatbelts! I will get to that later – as I need an assistant to wrangle it into place while I give it the once over. Then maybe I will do the wheel wells. Hmm. And there is that anti-rust matter …

Truly, a man’s work is never done!

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