The Billings Method

All children are God’s gift to us.

I am putting this up because I think it is one of those subjects that is difficult to “broach” for all parties involved no matter how close. I am of course like the doctor in the movie “She is out of control” – I am not married not do I have any children, but I think I should mention this.

All children are God’s gift to us.

But sometimes parents look for a child of a particular sex – male or female.

There are ways to “try” and achieve this – though no method is 100% foolproof, but some have relatively high accuracy rates. It is worth given them a shot if you are in this “situation”

I was discussing this with my mum a week or so ago and she mention that I would be surprised how relatively unknown this quite old method is.

The main method I know of (due to my “background”) is the “Billings” method. There was a book on the method (developed by a Dr. Billings) on one of our bookshelves back when I was growing up (I suspect my early teens). I used to read almost anything back then including browsing through my Dad’s huge medical textbooks! I would look at the picture and read the text as well – presentations, stages, surgical procedures, etc. We had these huge set of Encyclopedias back then as well, and I would spend hours reading all sorts of entries (people, places, wars, etc) and imagining/day-dreaming what it was like being then or there.

But I digress, so the Billings method is definitely worth given a shot. I think it’s one of the methods that (may) have some science backing it. There are several others (some region/culture based) and even others that are based on “Old wives” tales or what people “think” should logically hold true. From a related entry (for the Billings Method) on Wikipedia, the method is used to avoid or achieve pregnancy (the article does not appear to mention the possibility of using the method to determine the sex of the baby though)

Please look up the method. It is better to locate someone (in the medical field) with experience in the method rather than go it alone (which may be possible if you have good attention to details and understand certain basics).

I can provide an experienced contact if anyone is interested (in the Billings method).

All children are God’s gift to us.

Happy birthing!


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