Chicken Suya

Me: Mallam Abdul! How far! Make we meet for the Suya joint tonight?

Abdul: No problem. For Maitama right? And no dey call me Mallam again. Otherwise I start to call you Pastor. Which one you be sef. Catholic or Protestant?

Me: No, not in Maitama. The one close to central now. I be Christian. Any one you call me I answer. You prefer Alhaji? You go remember arrange the usual eh? Make we get some company. Ha ha ha!

* * * * * * *

Abdul: Wetin dem put for this Suya tonight? I fit eat am till morning.

Me: I agree with you. I must congratulate the Mesuya myself. It is really good.

* * * * * * *

Wow! I thought the floor rose up a moment ago. It must be the beer. But I am on only the third bottle. I feel so thirsty. Where is the bottle. Where is Mallam Abdul? The ladies? Where is there so much dust in the air?

* * * * * *

Did I fall asleep? At least the dust has cleared, but I feel so sleepy.

Is that blood on the floor? Why are there people all over the floor. Is that Mallam Abdul over there? Where is his face?

I think I need to get up. I can’t seem to move.  Are those my legs over there?

I think I will just lie still and watch them. In case someone tries to steal them.

I will need them to walk home.

* * * * * *

I can hear sirens. But I am so tired. I think I will lie down for a while. I will shut my eyes briefly. Just for a few minutes. I must watch my legs. And there is fresh Fura De Nunu in the fridge. If they take the power supply, it will spoil.

* * * * * * *

Am I dying. I feel so drowsy. It’s not so bad. I can’t feel a thing.

* * * * * *

Voice: “Hello Mister. Can you hear me? There has been an explosion. We are taking you to the hospital. Can you stay awake for me. Tell me your name.”

* * * * *

Voice: “Darm it! I think we have lost him.”

* * * * *

Me: The chicken suya was especially tasty tonight. Where is the cook? He did a very good job. I should tip him. Maybe when I wake up. I need to sleep a little first. I am so tired.

* * * * *

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