God bless Nigeria!

I briefly considered the title “God won’t bless Nigeria” but discarded the idea because of people who won’t read the post before jumping to conclusion. The complete sentence should read similar to “God won’t bless Nigeria because God has already blessed Nigeria”. That cleared up, let’s proceed, shall we?

I think we should stop saying “God bless Nigeria” – as in a prayer; as in a future hope. What did Brother Paul say about faith? It’s is the substance of things hoped for (things not yet in existence). So why do we pray? We pray because we have faith God will answer. But should we pray for things already present, available and manifested in the physical?

God has already blessed Nigeria beyond our fair share with a good climate, minerals, land, water, vegetation and oil. But we have refused to do anything reasonable with it. So what does that make us? Exactly like that fellow that hid the talent (money) his master gave him rather than trade (and make goodly returns) with it. So next time you are in your place of worship and the man on the pulpit uses that parable to illustrate some point, and you nod sagely in agreement and think how could someone be so wicked or lacking in understanding, look inwards and around you, we all make up Nigeria, and individually and jointly, we embody that man that hid his talent.

So when we say or pray “God bless Nigeria!”, if God were the master in the parable or if He was a man, how do you think he would feel? Exasperated if nothing else!

So, Nigeria is amply blessed by default. We (citizens) along with all the thieves and sellouts at all levels of government (and that includes the average citizens too – after all, we govern our pockets, houses, behaviours, interactions, tongues, eyes, etc) should decide to set greed and selfishness aside, and do something with the enormous blessings God already deposited within the geographical boundaries of this country well before it was formed!

Let us look under our feet and around us first. And after having harnessed the abundant resources for a better now and a greater tomorrow, we can then thank God for what is, and pray so the future can be even brighter by saying “God bless Nigeria!”

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