Friday the 13th

I am not a believer in Friday the 13th but some statistics seem to support the view that a disproportionately high amount of negative happenings occur on such days. On the other hand, someone once said it’s possible to find the statistics to support any conclusion.
So, yes, the memories of all those “horror” films remind me of the possibilities of the day. So, yes, my heart sometimes skips a beat when I think of it. But I go about my business giving it no thoughts in general (well, except to put down this article)
Maybe I shouldn’t be quick to dismiss it though? For example, I am “missing” 7,500 out of what is supposed to be 20,000 naira (does this count?) and I am missing a $100 note (but to be fair, I found that out yesterday evening) So, no, I am not a believer.
If I have anywhere to go today or something to do, I am just going to get along with it.

And all the evils of the day can kiss my bare feet while I watch an action movie and drink a can of Malta Goodness!

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One Response to Friday the 13th

  1. Idileke says:

    Positive thinking.
    Why action movie again?
    Gun shots, blood stains and the rest nko?
    Romance movies are the best at all times.
    It keeps us going
    It makes life sweeter and worry less about some things.
    It makes heart happy and no blood pressure unlike action movies….
    Enjoy your Malta goodness sir.

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