The Cinnamon Challenge

Head over to the link below and watch some videos of the Cinnamon Challenge.

Let me re-iterate what’s said on the topic by people who should know – it can be pretty dangerous and the side effects can be long lasting.

Having said that, while I haven’t (and hopefully won’t) tried it myself.And I can’t for the love of all that’s reasonable think what a spoonful of Cinnamon in the mouth feels like, I have some observations that may just make some of the more adventurous ones more likely to succeed, claim the crown and win some 15 minutes of YouTube fame.

So what is the Cinnamon Challenge? Put a spoonful of Cinnamon in your mouth and swallow it within a minute.

The first thing to note is that it appears the experts say the challenge can’t be won if done by the books. Simply because our salivary gland is not designed to produce as much saliva as needed to wash down a spoonful of Cinnamon without adding water.

So how do I think one can win this challenge? My thoughts are below (all pure conjecture and completely theoretical)
– Let’s start with the pretty obvious – different people produce different amounts of saliva, so this is going to be slightly easier for some than others
– Next, not all spoons are equal, try and find the smallest spoon that would not disqualify you from the challenge
– “Spoonful” is a relative term – some heap the spoons while some make little heaps
– Practice makes perfect – practice on your own but ensure there is someone close by in case you need emergency help
– Practice makes perfect – I understand the challenge has been around for a while, so no need to hurry to win. Start with say a fifth of a spoonful and work your way upwards, that way, you can find your limit pretty quickly without harming yourself seriously in the process
– More obvious (which is probably why you shouldn’t do it with peers at the beginning), you have one minute, use your wristwatch, clock or a timer, don’t rush, hold it in your mouth as long as possible while working your jaws to stimulate saliva flow. Give yourself say 10 seconds for the actual swallow – extending the time it stays in your mouth should improve the chances that you would produce enough saliva to turn the cinnamon from powder to mush, making it easier to swallow
– Cheat a little, drink some water before starting.
– Also, generally, if you leave your mouth open while looking at the ground, your saliva production/flow should increase – do that for some seconds before taking on the challenge.

Having said all that, this is a dangerous challenge, and you should go through the list of possible side-effects and complications that can occur as a result (hopefully, that should put the fear of … in you), but who did that ever stop?

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