Jazzing it up at the JazzHole

So, I went to the JazzHole in Ikoyi (along Awolowo Road) yesterday with a girlfriend. Now, I used that word “girlfriend” intentionally. I used the word in the sense of a friend who is a girl and not the practically accepted African (or is it Nigerian?) redefinition of the word as “lover”.
Th JazzHole is a comfy little place with books lining the walls and tables.

The particular event I attended was organized by the British Council and Glendora books. The central band was a British band known as “The Invisibles”
In case you meet up with them, the group is made up of 3 gentlemen (one on the drums and the other two playing Guitars or alternatively one Black who sang most of the vocals and two Caucasians – not meant in any racial way, but so you can recognize the group if you do see them – and they are very good)
They were ably supported throughout by several Nigerian artistes such as Diana Bada (a bundle of energy and a surprising voice), Edwardo (I may have this one wrong) as the gentleman sang some seriously energetic songs in the Fela-style in “hardcore” Yoruba language (unless he is trying to emphasize the Brazilian heritage of some of our freed slave forebears), and the incomparable Yinka Davies (a true entertainer who should be more appreciated than she is). I have forgotten a few names but they all gave great performances.

The event started 30minutes late (not that I am complaining, but pointing out that “when in Lagos” … even the … abide by the concept of “African time” 🙂
But I must say the 2.5 hours or so I spent there went by very quickly and I enjoyed every minute of it. It was a great evening of very good music and I will gladly attend again in future if the opportunity arises.

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