Finally, I decided to bite the bullet and have my teeth professionally cleaned (what to us laymen is known as “Scaling and Polishing”). Contacted my HMO (Hygeia) via my HR (KR) and got a list of Dental Health care providers. Since they say it’s all about the location, I decided to choose one located close enough – in Ikoyi (some alternative consideration was given to one in Lekki). The name of the one I chose was “Faces ‘n’ Braces” located in ParkView estate in Ikoyi. I made an appointment for 11am two Saturdays ago and made my way there early in the morning. Somehow I got lost. I asked a security guard at some house along one of the side streets in Ikoyi and was able to make my way to ParkView. I soon got lost inside the estate again. I called “Faces” again and the gentleman (whom I later found manning the reception desk) was kind enough to come stand on the road so I could locate the place – not that the place was hidden – I must take part of the blame for the wrong turnings I made. Finally got there at about 11:20am.
Miss “L.” (who I suspect must be some sort of Business Development Manager) attended to me, then a Dr. “E.” (or Dr. “I.”) came to the reception area and accompanied me to one of at least two theaters after completing a very short form (name, DOB, company, phone) He was very professional and soon got me seated in the dentist chair. He carried out a short exam after which he commented that for someone who has not been to a Dentist in about 7 years, my teeth were reasonably clean. I got a paper “bib” around the neck, and plastic goggles on my face (I guess to protect my eyes from flying plaque) and we were good to go.
With the electronic “plaque” remover and some sort of electronic suction tube (to suck out the buildup of saliva in my mouth from holding it open for long periods – thereby reducing the number of times I had to lean over to gaggle and spit ) we were off to a good start. At some point, he paused briefly and asked if I used a hard brush which I confirmed I do. He said (paraphrasing) it’s having a negative effect on my gum and also will lead to teeth sensitivity in future which is hard to treat. He advised I switch to Oral B medium (I am having some doubts on this because I used the toothbrush this morning and I wasn’t convinced it removed the gunk from my mouth – maybe I didn’t brush long enough, but I could almost not feel the brush – or it may just be a case of my old habits dying hard.)
Back to the scaling experience. I must say the procedure was almost enjoyable. The Dentists was assisted by a lady who operated the suction tube and did some other things such as wiping my chin etc. not sure if she was a doctor or some sort of dental nurse.
The scaling was followed by the polishing (after some suitable abrasive compound was rubbed on my teeth) The good doctor then showed me the proper way to brush – no horizontal movements except on the chewing surfaces only.
I stopped by the reception as required on the way out. I also asked about the whitening procedure advertised on their website. The cost was similar to some I have seen on the Internet. The procedure itself consist of the clinic making a dental cast of ones teeth, then sending you home with the cast and the whitening compound which you apply to the cast and then wear the cast in your mouth for 45minutes every day for 2 weeks. One of the staff had gone through the procedure and her teeth looked really lovely. Miss “L.” asked if she could make the appropriate pitch to my colleagues and I said why not. I think they did a lovely job on my teeth.

Let me leave you with this tidbit from their advert brochure, “If you take care of your teeth now, you will be chewing like a champ the rest of your life”

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