Hunt to Kill (the film)

Just finished watching Steve Austin in “Hunt to Kill”
Cliches flying all over the place! I think this film featured the most ridiculous utteration of the cliche “Is that all you got” I have seen in a long time! Yeah. I wasn’t expecting anything special as I had seen the rating on but you can ascribe it to a slow Monday evening. I am going to be delighted to free up 2.2GB of space on my hard drive. And Oh, since the ending had to have that distant camera thingie going on with the heroes walking away into the distance while we continue to hear their conversation, Steve (or Jim) made sure of this by pinning the “Is that all you got” spewing main villain to the wall, and then combusting the whole caboodle by shooting up the vehicle because (you guessed it) walking off into the distance on a cold day with snow makes a better cinematic ending than driving off into the distance 🙂

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