Below is a post from Dammy Kuks who is a friend over at the blog http://mylipsrsealed-redlips.blogspot.com/. Feel free to check out her blog as well. We will see how this cross-posting thingie develops 🙂  I am hoping this will be an interesting alternate view of the world – different from mine. (I also have a post today at her blog). Enjoy.

Hi every1,

Am so excited to write and post here…it’s a strange poem…even I am stl analyzing it…njoy


I slept…I saw Nigeria
A place where smiles became fresh air
A home with lots of children with different colours and tongues

I slept…I saw Nigeria
A place where even the tiniest voice is heard A home where love is the milk And peace is the water

I slept…I saw Nigeria
A place where sleep is nt death
A home with bountiful harvest
And many look out for their brothers

I slept…I saw Nigeria
A second paradise
A beautiful dream come true
Where words became swords

I slept…I saw Nigeria
I woke…I saw a different Nigeria
I slept again…I Nigeria
I woke…then I finally saw Nigeria

I slept…I saw Nigeria
A home where forgiveness was the father
A place where all ages saw past their ages I did see Nigeria…did I?

I slept..I saw Nigeria
I hope it was Nigeria…

As I sleep again…Mylipsrsealed….

To them who slept and saw Nigeria…

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