Tunde’s Halo

I was chatting with a friend who said he/she was “naughty and nice” as a child and while growing up.
I pointed out that I was nothing of the sort. I was an altar boy (not really) with a halo while growing up. Parents used to point to me and say to their wards “Look at little Tunde over there. Do you see his halo? What can I do to make you more like him? Omo yi o ni pami o”
Well he/she didn’t believe me. Along with some other things I said. So I called him/her a doubting Thomas/Theresa. He/she didn’t believe me when I said I drove a Volkswagen Beetle (maybe, maybe not). I was told not to bring it to his/her house! That I better come on a bike (Okada) instead! I guess it must have something to do with maintaining his/her street cred!
Which brings me to a related topic. I was at a little get-together a year or so ago where the host decided to ask some questions to make things a little more interesting and involved. I basically found out you can’t have a girlfriend (at least not exclusively) if you don’t have car. I think this goes in particular for tertiary students (girls). I more or less found out that even if you appear to have a girlfriend, the girl probably has another beau on the side who “trips” her regularly. Before I am crucified and hung out to dry, these conclusions were made by girls at the do: that a “ride” is a necessity. Fortunately, they didn’t dwell much on the “type”, but I guess that may go without saying?
Some will of course say a man without a car is not ready to take on the responsibility (or is it burden?) of a woman. But I disagree, I don’t necessarily expect a couple to go “dutch” but since we are not talking marriage yet, the guy shouldn’t necessarily have enough money to practically “sustain” the girl.
I think this is where the fact that girls love them some bad boys come into play. So if you are a bad boy with little money, your chances are much improved, because you may get some rich girl or at least a girl who would consider your swagger more important than the content of your pockets. So where does that leave the good boys and the nice guys? Well, definitely not where they would like to be.
I began to wonder what hope there was for guys who are less well off? I thought all girls wanted was a hunk (but of course that was me just being a cynic, otherwise, why do all the toadie pot-bellied politicians and moneymen get all the beautiful girls hanging on their every word? I digress) Or if there is anything like true love as concerns the current generation?
I guess the situation of the country has now (and for sometime) made love equal to comfort.
So, back to my beetle. Look around you and see if you can find one. If you want to see mine, I can bring it by your house, on the condition that you must ride in it.
So do you believe me, or do you want to see a picture as well?

Let me leave you with the following blog post:

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