Imagine This


I have just finished reading a book recommended by a good? friend. The author is Sade Adeniran (never heard of her) and it’s about the story of Lola Ogunwole’s difficult youth.

Anyways, the story is written in diary style and the first few entries didn’t quite catch my attention, but soon I could not put the book down!

The story covers mostly the first 20 or so years of the subject’s life (about 1967 to 1987) with some quick trips to earlier years concerning her parents. While there are several April entries, there was none that fell on my birthday until 1987 (hooray!) when I was (mind your business 🙂 years old.

I guess I am of the real old-school because I was rooting for the subject “keeping her legs closed” (in her own words)  all these while so I was sort of disappointed by the entries of 12th September 1987 (uncertain?) and 13th September 1987 (well, …). That probably makes me a prude by current standards I guess – and the reason given makes no sense – but who knows the mind of a woman, etc, etc, eh?

The story flows too much like it’s true or at least based on someone’s true story. I will be surprised if it is not. I guess if I see something of similar quality from the same author, I can maybe put a tentative question mark on my conclusion, otherwise it stands. (I will most definitely check out the author’s bio, probably on Wikipedia or the wild wide Internet – it’s what I do)

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