You are

I woke up this morning with Lionel Ritchie’s “You are” playing in my head (actually, I might have dreamt it as well). And as I usually have once in a long while, I had that dream where I was actually able to fly (with people just a few feet below looking on in wonder). It usually feels so real. And no, I am not an Ogbanje (why do I think of “Koku Baboni”?). I think it’s just my desire deep down in real life that’s filtering into my subconcious state. Flying has always been at the top list of my things-i-wish-i-could-do (not in Heaven or the hereafter – now!). Most def, once I get behind those pearly gates (hopefully!) and I recieve “that” magnificient welcome, greet the Great One and The Son, pay obeisance to those who were there before me such as my Dad, Uncles, Aunts, family, friends, etc, the first thing I would probably ask for is “gimme those wings!” (actually, I would prefer to be able to fly without actual wings on my back – it’s just another encumbrance – unless of course I can wish it away at whim – I am one of those people that if I could get away without wearing even a watch, I had do it – and I frequently do now since I can always tell the time from my phone)

After I got up, I found that at intervals I suddenly burst into singing just the part “… you are … I don’t mind, I don’t mind …”. Well, after a few of these singing bursts, I decided I might as well play the song and hear it from the horse’s mouth. So I am playing it currently. May be I will repeat it a few times 🙂

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