Sefi Atta’s “Not My Affair”

Sefi Atta’s “Not My Affair”

I was at the reading of Sefi Atta’s “Not My Affair” this evening at the Terra Kulture in Victoria Island.
In order not to offend our Nigerian Sensibilities, the play started about 40mins late (which Sefi apologized for – I engaged myself playing Solitaire on my phone 🙂 and the background music for the play was being played in a loop (and it was quite nice)
The reading was opened by Sefi Atta who spoke for about 10 minutes. Though she said she was a little nervous (possibly), the 10 minutes passed so quickly because she made it
interesting and fun in a serious way – I don’t think anyone could have done it any better.

The reading itself was very interesting and funny – and it lasted about an hour.
The four other readers (apart from Kate Henshaw) were supposedly not actors – but I suspect they are not new to reading as the parts were very well done.
I had pitty on “Tosin” though, for her part called for a display of emotion/anger/etc – a state in which she basically was throughout the reading 🙂
It must take a lot of effort – especially for a none-professional actress!

Well done to all.

There was refreshments after the reading (which as Sefi said in the beginning was hidden so people don’t wander off randomly during the reading 🙂

Since I am not a writer, the above is not a criticism of the reading or the play itself (unless  in a positive way), otherwise I would have to be classified amongst “those who can’t do …” which hopefully I am not!

Go Atta Girl!

NOTE: All proceeds go to an NGO for kids. I put my name/mail down on the contact list, so I hope I will be “invited” for future shows/readings.
NOTE: Looked up her bio on the Internet, and wouldn’t have thought she was a day older than myself and that is saying something!

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