Mean Girls 2: the letter

I am one of those people who, when watching a film, if shown a letter/note on the screen, will pause, rewind, zoom (if necessary) to read its content – especially if I am watching the film alone. Not for any particular reason, just the fact that if I think the note/letter is legible enough to be read, then I am going to read it. If you don’t want me to read it, then don’t show a legible copy on the screen.

Now to the typo in the screen grab below from Mean Girls 2 (I will watch almost any film I can get my hands on, I weed out the completely useless ones afore-hand by checking out the reviews on first)

I have underlined (in red) the parts that are “incomplete”. As far as I know, for a production to display the name of a well-known organization in this way, they must have obtained the permission of the organization involved. Of course, it’s very likely the school didn’t actually see/approve the letter, just gave the permission – with some suitable
contribution/donation or possibly “free” advert (Have that, you other schools! We are in with the Hollywood crew, suckers!)?

Anyways, while I am not a language buff myself (my English both spoken and written leaves a lot to be desired), I think this is too obvious to have been missed.

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