The Old Man

The old man that passed this way
Grizzled and wise
Wrinkled and crass
Watched me contemplate life through a bottle of coke
With his left hand, he swept the table
Glass breaking, shards glistening in the midday sun
In his right hand a bottle of golden fluid

Young man, what are u doing seeping at life?
Be greedy!
Grab it with both hands
Tear into it with rabid teeth
Take huge chunks
Wash it down with anything that burns
Take huge swallows
Do not be quiet
Gurgle; spit; belch
Let the world know you passed through

Now share a drink with an old man on his way to the grave
And when your turn comes
Be sure to give same advice with all the gusto you can muster!

Thereafter the old man went his merry way
While I contemplated the fallen stars

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