Two little dogs and a pregnant mutt

My office was some kind of amphi/lecture theater where it appeared I was studying. I then decided I needed some water and walked towards Eko hotel. Saw all the roadside stalls selling all the various brands of bottled water and my mind went back to an earlier discussion with my bro-in-law and the fact that all these brands are pirated by chaps in the nooks and crannies of Lagos. That was when it struck me that I had left my phone and digital camera with my things in the classroom. I berated myself as I hurried back but thankfully, the items were still there.
Cut to the house with me upstairs. Hearing one of the Ibadan folks downstairs saying the light brown mongrel in the yard was heavily pregnant and was going to have many babies.
I went to use the bathroom and there were two little dogs there (one in the bath tub) and they said (yes, literarily), “now, you are here with us” to which I replied “No I am not”
That’s what I get for pulling an all-nighter and then not sleeping for several hours even after that (coupled with reading the comic “Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter” to lull me to sleep)

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One Response to Two little dogs and a pregnant mutt

  1. Yetunde Fasipebi says:

    Hey, (smiling) so was the whole thing a dream… did you forget stuff in an actual classroom. I see babies all around you, they’re trying to catch you. Quit running! Now go figure if that’s a dream ;).

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