Methuselah and the flood

I have always thought about the flood and the generations of Adam that lived before it happened (due to the great age some of them lived to be). The analysis below is as a result of a conversation with a senior colleague (O. Adewumi) some time ago when he mentioned the possibility of doing something similar. I have been putting it off for a while, but it came again to my mind just as I was about to fall asleep yesterday (scratch that, about 2am this morning).
So I copied out the relevant Bible verses and created the table below. The only thing that jumps out (at me) is in relation to Methuselah Рdraw your conclusions please (I may be off by a year or so of course)

Methuselah and the Flood

Methuselah and the Flood

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One Response to Methuselah and the flood

  1. Femi Adewumi says:

    I finally did the analysis too and came to more or less the same results. The possibilities just leave you wondering. From the numbers Noah lived at the same time as his ancestors all the way to Enos shortly after Seth’s death – what stories they would have had to tell each other!

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