Note: if you have any doubts concerning the faith you profess or your convictions, proceed no further.
Having said that, the link below is a 13-chapter interesting read on Alchemy by a gentleman by the name Vincent Bridges. Stay with it – the chapters are not so long and you will be amazed at the amount of history condensed into so few pages.
Given all that, one must say that if it was during the “dark ages” on which Mr Bridges shed so much light, he would have been burned at the stake; quartered or pulled apart by a quartet of horses for even a tenth of the information he has divulged in the “book”.
I had thought (like most people I think) that Alchemy is just the pursuit (of how) to change ordinary metals (e.g., lead) into gold. Drawing on information from the earliest records of civilization (egypt and even before) all the way through the golden age of Christianity and Islam through the crusades and the Templars to the present day, he informs the reader that the transmutation (of metal) is but one of the triple goal of alchemy. Understanding time, forecasting/predictions and possibly manipulating it is an even greater goal.
He enlightens us on the involvement of the church (think mostly Catholic – Universal Xtianity) in the search for the attainment of these goals. Along the line, we are introduced to so many interesting characters and told about their rise (and sometimes fall).
I need to mention the philosopher’s stone here – because part of his conclusions is that the stone is some sort of meteorite and that without it, it’s impossible to turn metal to gold. He even suggests that the stone in Mecca is the philosopher’s stone. One individual that appeared to have got hold of part of the stone, at some point declared himself a living god, went mad and subsequently died or vanished. It’s this man’s piece that the author thinks was hidden in the Temple Mount and the search for it may have in part influenced the crusades to Jerusalem.
I could go on and on, but I can’t do justice to the “book.”
If you are interested, head over to the link below:

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