Invalid Toilet

Sign on the door of one of the cubicles in the men’s restroom (why is it called a restroom anyway? We don’t rest in there, we “drop something” – drop it like it’s hot) at PH International airport reads “INVALID TOILET”
So politically incorrect! Is that not discrimination based on condition? Or is it affirmative or positive action?
Or let’s pretend not to know what the sign means and read it another way.
The toilet being invalid.
So what does that make the toilet and where does that leave us – the pressed, stamping-foot-in-place air traveller?
If the toliet is invalid, does that mean for example that we can drink from it rather than “let-go” in it?
Is the toilet “ailing” or broken? If broken, why is it not fixed? Do we call for a medical doctor or a plumber?

It just goes to show I was jobless at the airport waiting for a flight.
A nice lady also came to offer me a chance to be massaged at “Tosan’s massage corner” – an electric massage chair. My colleague told her he is only interested in a massage delivered by a human being 🙂

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2 Responses to Invalid Toilet

  1. An invalid toilet at the internatinal airport means an invalid govt is in power. Common toilet cannot be made to function well in a place like the international airport.Nigeria na wah.

  2. Idileke says:

    Hmmmmm. Nigeria!

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