Moving Money

“Have you transferred the money?”
“No, I am on the move. I will make the transfer once I get to Lagos.”
“Ok, thanks”
I am sitting in a bus with 15 other people on the way from Abeokuta to Lagos with my “case logic”  laptop bag on my laps. Contrary to my response, I decided to see if I can make the transfer on the move. We have left the town and my “EDGE” connection to my GSM network has become flaky, even disappearing for long stretches of the road. All the same, I launched the mobile “bolt” browser (best mobile browser award from Go Bolt!) and head over to my bank’s ( website. Clicked on the Internet banking link and the login page comes up. Due to how the page is constructed for security reasons, I have never been able to login to it via other browsers (think Opera and BB browser). With the link going on and off as we moved along the highway, I needed to have patience.
Navigated to the money transfer page, keyed in the required details, then the GSM link goes off again. I gave up and decided to do the transfer when I get to lagos. On second thought, I decided to give it another shot because I always believe the best of technology (think love) and also because I should have made the transfer like half a day ago.
Resubmitted the details again and got the page requesting for a code from my tiny GTB passkey generating dongle.
Whipped out the dongle and generated a key which I entered into the box on the page. Clicked the submit button and got the operation successful message from the page. Great. Navigated to transactions and saw that the transfer was listed there. Good.
Got the usual GTB SMS with the details of the transfer shortly afterwards. Edited it slightly and forwatded the message to the friend I transferred the money to. Delivered.
Technology. Cool when it works!
Travelling at 100km/hr and I just moved money on the move.

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