Duet at 10

Ok. I don’t know if it was the heat or not, but I had quite a rough night I think. Anyway, close to the time I woke up, I found myself singing – actually karaokeing a song being played on a deck or radio with a little 3 or 4 year olf girl. We were both using my toothbrush as a mike – passing it back and forth. I believe I knew  the girl (a relation I think) in my dream but for some reason after I woke up, I can’t remember who she was.

Then another relation (a young man, can’t remember who now either) came and reminded her that it was time to brush her teeth I think – no, not with my tootbrush 🙂

The song was one of those fast tempo, danceable tunes with few lyrics but lots of beat. I may post my rendition of it. In the dream, I was aware I couldn’t make out some of the words in the song, so I substituted a couple of my own – didn’t make sense, but at least, it flowed a little. I may post a few seconds recording I made immediately I woke up.

“Everyone, everyone that’s on my price list, they listen to you, they listen to you …”

It’s the “on my price list” part that I couldn’t make out in the original song.

The “10” in the post’s title? That’s about the time I finally woke up this morning.

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