The President is dead. Long live the President!

Now this is my own conspiracy theory. It stems out of the simple fact that the incompetent bunch in Abuja and heading most state government are in collusion to get the most loot they can while still in government and if that requires selling their souls to the devil and ice berg to the Nigerian populace – well, so be it.

I will believe the president is alive and kicking when he appears in public. What is with all the secrecy? And if not wasting our money, how incompetent are the 6-man panel that set out from Abuja to go see the president and yet still somehow manage to miss him (he was already on his way back home) when they set out from visiting with the Saudi king to go to his hospital. Sounds funny and smells fishy.

Then he comes home and not even a glimpse by anybody? I thought he was “our” president, so why send everybody in the Presidential wing of the airport packing to be replaced by soldiers – what effrontery!

Let’s paint a possible scenario. Too much has been said or whispered about his wife’s lust for power, position and platinum (money, p-p-p just to make it flow 🙂 So the president dies in U.A.E. What is to be done. Consider the uproar and the loss of face of the Saudis. Well, since our people are more than willing, why not quietly ship his body back to Nigeria under cover of darkness, install him in a sub-zero degrees room at Aso Rock. Prevent people from seeing him for a couple of weeks under the guise of his still being unable to attend to state matters, then announce his passing on?

Everybody is happy and the populace are not any wiser. Between the upper echelons of the government, the senate and some in-the-know state governors (probably excluding someone like Raji Fashola who may decide to behave like his predecessor, who was a torn in OBJ’s side), spread around much more of the wealth to keep everybody happy in these last few days before the president “officially” dies. All the populace will do is murmur and grumble. Can they get into anybody’s fortress in Abuja? Let them go on grumbling.

The voice of the PIP (people in power) is the voice of the people.

So, let’s hope the president is alive. What difference does it make to the average Nigerian. Afterall, there is no electricity supply, no portable water, the roads lead to hell and heaven and just staying alive costs an arm and a leg. The hospitals are mid-way houses that hustle people into the grave. Yet a 6-man panel with a horde of any entourage went to U.A.E. to thank the Saudi king for taking care of the president. Who is taking care of the average Nigerian? Fools! Incompetents!  Thieves, every last one of them and all the senators who together approve the trip. Another excuse to plunder the country’s wealth. What went to the 6 people who went in terms of estacode and the remaining house members to satisfy them not to make an issue of it?

Every man for himself and God will punish them all. No, not after they are dead, right from while they are here on earth!

Let the money save them when cancer hits them or their family member like it does any of the masses for whose they have sworn to protect and provide for in terms of security, amenities and infrastructure.

See all of them in hell –  I will be looking down from heaven. If they are thirsty, they can have my spit and phlegm if it will cross the great divide!

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