Don’t be …

Don’t be late. If that’s impossible, then don’t be “sh*t, da*m, da*n, I left my passport at home” late while you are at the airport waiting to check-in. It’s better to be a little late to the airport than to be “that” late.

That’s what I intended to post. And that’s the end of that. And I never thought I would find myself in that position – which I didn’t. The first rule of traveling, before you leave your house, triple-check the travel date and time. I went all the way to the airport only to discover that my trip was tomorrow. After walking the length and breadth of the departure hall, I was finally informed that South African Airlines don’t fly on Saturday. That is when another look at the ticket showed me the error of my ways. I had assumed that our Travels desk knew well enough that it’s better to arrive the day before the event that was the purpose of one’s journey started so as to be able to settle in and be well rested. I had “seen” Sunday on my ticket and somehow jumped to the conclusion that it was the arrival day and not the departure day.

So I double-checked all my particulars at home, reduced my baggage by several items of clothing, hopped in a taxi and made it to the airport only to find that it was the wrong day. I know I am not stupid, so what am I?

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  1. Thanks for posting this, lifted my day.

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