I didn’t make it to church again! I was too wasted to get up – drifted in and out of sleep (and no, you evil minded person thinking evil minded thoughts about me – it wasn’t a typical hangover! I just didn’t go to bed early enough 🙂
I promised myself several times now to make one of the in-week services, but I always seem to have an excuse (sometimes valid) whenever the time rolls around. I need to make an extra effort as my soul is in danger of …

My barber seems to have moved away, so I asked one of the workmen demolishing the next building to hop in and give me a skincut in exchange for lunch – well you know how that turned out! Actually, I asked my younger brother – and he did an OK job (not his first time of course). It could have been smoother of course, but since I decided at 10PM to get a cut, coupled with the state of the light, I have to live with the consequences. And if anybody makes fun of me and asks awkward questions such as “did you use a knife to cut your hair”, I could always reply “no, your brother did”

I haven’t been getting enough sleep lately, I think it’s the computer – I am always at it day and night. I really need to get a life. Even though “edgy” is not a description one would normally apply to knife, still it conjours images of “sharp and mean” which is good? No? But when applied to a person it connotes touchy, snappy, ready to break?

By the way, that barber’s disappearance is kind of fishy – maybe he destroyed some groom’s hairdo on the eve of his wedding and the groom set his posse of 7 groom’s men on him (one could only wish)

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