Social Commentary 3 and 4

Social Commentary 3 (15/June/2008):

I sat in the “Wireless Internet” zone in the airport in Armsterdam (flight switch on my way to USA). But since the cheapskates at RIM only put bluetooth and no wi-fi in the BlacbBerry 8300 I couldn’t browse. I turned on the bluetooth and discovered the following devices:

SNAFU, Phone, Jes onty Ismael

Social Commentary 4:

Met “Juan from Honduras” at Springfield Greyhound bus station.

His work VISA (which he showed me in his International Passport) read 2000 to 2010.

He said he was going back to Honduras next year, that money was worth a lot more in Honduras,

but here (in the US), it just work, work, work and pay bills, bills, bills.

He doesnt have to pay rent in Honduras. He is been around for quite a while and could barely speak

English.I suspect he must be doing “physical” work and possibly doesn’t come in contact much

with English-only speaking people? If I could speak Spanish or if he had been able to speak

English we could have had a long interesting conversation while we both waited for our buses to

arrive. He was really going cross country –  not sure now, but possibly from California to Los Angeles.

“Hard Times Cafe & Cue” (on his T-shirt?)

Seems he has spent 6 years and probably does gardening of some sort – not sure as he made as if he was operating some sort of bike when trying to explan hisline of work to me. Spent about 2hours in Richmond instead of 40mins. Lots of people complaining abotu GreyHound’s service at the

various terminuses I visited on my cross-contry trips through 3 states in America. It seems they have delays galore and with very little or no

competition on the long-haul trips, they don’t seem willing to improve. In fact, on my way from North Carolina to Ohio, we had to stop about

an hour into the 13hour or so journey because we had “lost” some lugnuts on one of the wheels of the bus. We then had to wait for about 7 hours

while another bus was sent up from North Carolina. At some point even the driver suggested that as many people could, should write their head office

and complain about the service, that though he couldn’t guarantee it, but it’s possible they may get refunds or rebaits on future trips.

If none of those, at least it would let the management know that the customers are disatisfied!

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