Social Commentary 2

So I acutally used my GTB MasterCard debit card to buy a socket converter (3-pin to 2-pin) for my BlackBerry charger in Amsterdam.

Couldn’t be sure of the pin (6553) but luckily they had a POS and so the card was just swiped through that. So there – my very first credit (ok debit) card purchase – I am now a card-carrying technophile of teh 21st century – dont go anywhere without it – no, not your credit card – your brains!


A man came to the table where I was sitted charging my phone, first he whipped out his wallet which had about 9 cards in it, he couldn’t find what he was looking for, so he brought out a larger plastic holder of some sort and this one had probably 10 or more cards in it!

Finally, he went back to the initial wallet, fished out a card and put it in the inner pocket of his jacket. With that he zipped up  his hand luggage and he was gone.

We all live, we go about our daily lives, we die, do we pay attention to God? i think not

Another Bluetooth search returned: ADEEN (pc), Charles, Nokia 6021, Phone, Computer, Phone(x6s)

Another Bluetooth search returned: BlackBerry 8100, ADEEN, Phone, Computer, Phone, E50

Another Bluetooth search returned: STEPHENPARKINSO, ADEEN, W300i, Bill, OWNER-F02600525, W810i, Phone (5xs)

I did some “shoulder-surfing” and discovered the company and employee number of one WINNIE WONG. I have decided to lose the details because I had a strong temptation to post it here and that may do her a world of hurt somewhere down the line.


On the queue into the airplane at Amsterdam an elderly could behind me, the wife is on the phone and turns to her husband and goes:

“Oh dear God, we’ve had a power outtage” followed by a string of “Oh no”, “Oh God”, “Dear God”, …. as the party on the other end of the line supplied more details. Finally, I heard that they had had a storm.

Leaving out the storm, if 160million Nigerians call out “Oh Dear God” everytime we have a power outtage, that line would be jammed (from the human end of course), then blocked completely – no more coverage over Nigeria – because at least a quarter of the 160million would be taking the Lord’s name in vain!

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