Social Commentary 1

Social Commentary 1 (early/mid 2007?)
I am (sitting) at the UK VISA processing center and a couple of guys behind me made the following interesting “comments”
Personally, I think the more vocal of the two was just using it to bolster up his confidence level – he probably had the hibbie-jibbies!

Wetin dey London way no dey for Nigeria?
If I dey ok wetin I dey go find for London?
But I no dey ok
To get job – yawa, you go school gan – fuckup
Obasanjo no like as them they give us VISA, but they gat to
It is their right and they must give us
No be them colonise Nigeria?

If I wan go anywhere I go go – even London
London na paradise?
Na place wey God make
and if I wan go I go go anywhere I like
Na only paradise wey no sure for anybody

You know say Oyinbo no dey like wey you sit in front of am, dey beg
He go give? Lai lai, never!
But make you sit show them say you
know your worth for Nigeria, say you just wan go spend a few days come back, na dat.
Once you get VISA, you go just dey sleep
You no go hungry again. You open eye (wake up), na hin you go dey think about till you close eye
You wake up like dis look round, say I still dey but soon …
If anybody call you from London, you go say
“soonest, I go show”

You enter London you come tire
You go dey feel like say make you come back home again
but he good make everybody at least try am
. . . .
If na DHL (US VISA drop-off/collection), you go queue like dis, you go siddown for sun
the guy (agent) go mean
you go dey take money beg dem
(comparing the cool airconditioned environment with TV in which we were to the non-welcoming DHL compound in Ikoyi)

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