It’s amazing where and how people connect/bond. It was raining cats and dogs this morning, so I didn’t leave the house until about 15minutes to 12 (noon). The street was flooded and I left the house in a pair of boots and an umbrella over my head and my PC bag slung on my back. Two streets away a man approached me from the opposite direction. He had on a raincoat reaching down to his calves and a pair of boots. I am looking at him and he is looking at me. On the street, we were probably the only 2 people completely immune to the weather. A thin smile spread my lips and he smiled in turn. As he passed by me he said “how are you” to which I replied “fine sir”. Neither of us stopped and it all took a split second. But it was us against the world briefly. Two members of the brotherhood of the rain-mockers. We could look amuzed at the rain as it tries to make us as wet and miserable looking as some of the unprepared fellow humans rushing to get out of the drenching downpour!
Another couple of streets away, I came to a building with a man and a little boy standing in front. I noticed a little rat cowering beside the drain at the front of the house. I bent down for a closer look, despite the fact that it was a vermin, i still felt sorry for it. I went forward a few feet, turned back, whipped out my blackberry and snapped a couple of pictures of the rat. The man watched me in action, then commented: “you wan snap the rat? There are others, look over there. Them dey live under the gutter. Na the rain drive them commot”
Within a radius of 2 feet, there were actually about 3 or 4 little rats shivering at various locations.
The pictures aren’t too clear and I will probably toss them. I should really get a compact camera.

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