A case for Artificial Selection

I am not a Darwinist nor am I a Hitler-lover. I believe the world was made by God and I don’t support Hitler’s attempt to forcefully build his race of perfect Aryans – with his goal of 6-foot tall blonde specimens. Which is very odd given the fact that he was himself not anywhere as tall and had black hair (let he who is without blame cast the first stone).
The most we can wish for Darwin is that he is not where he “may” be (I said “may” not “should” – again, let him who is without blame cast the first stone, and I am not in a position to judge) – if not for himself but for his believer-wife.

A colleague’s husband just died at age 41 at the hands of armed robbers leaving behind a young distraught wife and a couple of kids – making me to think – why bother at all. We are grateful to God for a life well-spent and curse the devil for a death untimely/undeserved?

In an ideal world, I would voluntarily agree not to procreate … but unfortunately, it’s not an ideal world. We can then slowly weed out all the imperfections and genetic defects of the human race “naturally” – getting rid of the myriad ailments and associated pain with the voluntary co-operation of all involved (say that again). So back to Darwin again and natural selection. Women naturally select the best specimens of the opposite sex – so that’s one for you Darwin. But again, there is culture, money and love (sometimes) to cloud and muddy the pool. Watched my left foot yesterday, the story of Christy Brown – if he “can”, then there is hope for the rest of “us.”

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