A service, a bar, a beer and a train ride

Went to the church service this morning, I drifted off a couple of times during the sermon, not that the sermon was boring but I didn’t go to bed until almost 4 in the morning. After doing a little socializing after service, we headed home and branched at a pub – I could see the pastor frowning as the beer was ordered – I don’t drink usually. Anyway, we had brunch to go with it – a mix of various dishes – chicken, sausage in some sauce, some sort of stick meat and the universal fried chips of course.
In the afternoon I headed to a family friends place practically on the outskirts of London. At the London Bridge station, I had to switch from the tube to a surface train. Between taking a few snaps, and carrying a box on Indomie (all the way from Nigeria – reminds me of the Lacazera advert) and a congo or 2 of fresh brown beans all in a plastic bag, I dropped my Oyster card – and of all  places it slipped right down about 3 feet below unto the tracks. There I was on the train with a bag in my hands, looking at the card down below and the train about to take off. I stepped off, looked again at the card and concluded that there was no way I could reach it with the train just a few inches away – the least that would happen is that I would lose my right hand (sorry, I really don’t have a spare). So I let the train leave, then went in search of one of the station attendants. He got a picker, got down on his knees and asked me to watch his head (watch out for any train approaching the station) while he fished out the card for me. Luckily, another train going my way soon pulled up at the station.
Had a lovely time with the family, more family than friend really.  In return, I got a 9kg bag  to take back with me to Nigeria (I wasn’t paid for my courier service by the way).
The following advertisement is from the bar:
With vigour we recommend
1. Our silent assassin, Kentucky Bullet Bourbon (like a smooth double tap to the head 😉
2. Sailor Jerry spiced rum with ginger ale … try it, you’ll want to tell the tale … Enjoy!!

My take on the above:
Go ahead and try 2, hell, try 1 and 2, but note: Not recommended for mafiosi, if you have skeletons in the cupboard you would rather keep hidden or have secrets to keep – because you will soon be running your mouth off and that can be dangerous to your health – enuf said.

Some more wine adverts from the same place:
In the white room

Red red wine

Champagne supernova

OUR FOOD – your soul to squeeze, hope we test and further please …

My comment: each title above was nested between a pair of musical notes – and from the “our food” advert, a song must have been going on in the head of whoever wrote it, because I suspect he must have had a “little” something to keep the chill out.

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One Response to A service, a bar, a beer and a train ride

  1. Idileke says:

    I actually did not want to comment.
    But why should you say you don’t have a spare?
    You should still thank God.
    Those that have spare, how responsible are they?
    How intelligent are they?
    How handsome are they?
    Do they have good heart like yours?
    I don’t really know you but from your writings I believe you have a good heart.
    If you have been polishing the dull side all this while to make it shine,
    Why should you remind people about it.
    It really hurts me sincerely.
    Now my eyes are red
    I don’t want to shed tears.
    You cant understand how I felt about what you just mentioned slightly.
    Stop saying it.
    Thank God still sir.

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