Lagos + constant Power = London (sort of …)

London – I won’t miss its weather. If Nigeria had constant electricity supply, one can control the weather (in ones house I mean). But in a place like Nigeria with the epileptic power supply, I would prefer a weather which is always cold to one which is always hot. For one thing, I think the cold weather kills off all the troublesome insects – especially mosquitoes! In cold weather, one can layer on as many cloths or blankets as it takes to get warm, whereas in a hot environment, what do you after removing all your clothing and still find the weather unbearably hot? Besides, it is not socially acceptable to walk around naked, even in ones house – unless you live alone, and don’t offend the neighbors by stepping out into the backyard for example. Then there are the mosquitoes – they wait around the corners until the lights are out.
So I will probably take Lagos (actually I prefer Ibadan) over London anyday if there was constant power supply. NEPA has promised that the power supply will be constant by the middle of the year – yes, true, I am a black-belter in Taikwondo with a platinum-selling album in the US of A – in my dreams.

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