Ramblings (11/03/2008)

Long day. Went with my brother, a colleague of his and his wife to check out some used (brand new by Niger standards) cars – the spec we wanted was a Mercedes with full leather upholstery, diesel engine and roomy boot for the baby buggy – the madam is “expecting”

Two similar cars had a 5,000 difference in price, but the lower mileage on the more expensive one wasn’t enough temptation to justify it’s price. I thought to myself that for 5,000 quid, I would by a Hershey cow (or whatever strain is renown for its hide), kill it, skin it, tarn it and upholster the car myself, and still have enough to put down on a Harley!

On a building, the advert goes “Brandies, Liqueurs,Wines, Prince of Wales” and I didn’t know that one could get a personal copy of Charles (good for him, he’s gone PLC, it’s not easy paying the army of servants on the paltery sum handed out by the government to maintain the castles, is it?) Of course, I am not sure he is drinkable – except may be to some ladies, and how replenish-able is he?

Yes, blacks have thick lips, but it doesn’t help when parents watch their children grow up without making the extra effort to get them to keep those lips together. It seems worse in the UK where lots of young girls have obviously been letting their lips hang down. I started a little later than I might have myself, but better late than never.

Shopping at the 24-hour ASDA store, I was confronted with what’s become an alarming problem in the UK (and especially Scotland I think) – the cheapness of liquor has made it easier to maintain a life-destroying habit, everyone of all ages are busy desiccating their livers – why, I saw one mum give her toddler a tot to keep out the cold! (that was a joke of course) But indeed underage drinking is a serious problem. And not to mention that a large part of the population smoke. Ok, they are probably not anywhere our friends in China, but it’s still significant.

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