Etu Brutu?

God bless the Romans, long live the queen!
Went to M&S for take out lunch and as usual the dangerous (tongue-in-cheek) Mayonnaise had infested everything edible – but then I found “oakham chicken and pancetta caeser” – sandwich with chicken slices, ham or so, and some veggies.

As I munched contentedly on the stuff all the while thinking the package was big enough for 2, it suddenly struck me that if a millenium or so ago, Caesar had fed the stuff to his lieutenants, he would have had a very satisfied Brutus (thank you) and wouldn’t have needed to utter the popular phrase “Etu Brutu?!”

But it seems humans are destined to repeat the mistakes of the past, otherwise Marie Antoniette wouldn’t have lost her head over food (“No bread? Let them eat cake”) . I rest my case.

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