Learn the Geography or stick with the Plan

If you don’t know the geography then don’t change the plan.

I noticed that I usually ended up at the Moorgate tube station when going home, whereas I came in through the Old street station in the morning. So today I decided that since the Moorgate station appeared closer to the training venue, I would get off the tube there instead (the station before the Old Street) So I got out of the station and headed in the direction I thought would take me to Tabernacle street. Well, it didn’t take long for me to realise I was completely lost. I went round and round or should I say square because at some point I asked for directions and was told to go round a big square with – I think – the Liverpool station in the middle. Anyway, on the other side I was directed again to the place I was coming from. I finally got on a bus after more than 30minutes roaming around in the cold. Paid the 2 pound fare to Old street (where I should have got off the tube originally) only to realise that I could have used my Oyster card. I asked the driver for a refund and he told me the machine had gobbled up the money – sorry mate!

So after almost an hour, I ended up at the training venue!

By the way, what’s with the Mayonnaise addiction? I was at Marks & Spensers and almost every edible thing in the place had been Mayonnaised – oh! here is chicken sandwich, that should be tasty – but then you see the mayonnaise on the label. Ok here is some ham sandwich, may not be good for my health long-term, but definitely good for my belly, Oh no! it’s got the stuff too! What happened to equality? Yes, it’s a battle between white and black, but not in the context you are thinking off you bloody racist (not of course my racially-agnostic readers :-). Why not black/red pepper or even Marmite sometime? Must it always be creamy mayonnaise? This is a democracy – must I remind all and sundry?

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