Happy New Year – plenty “Serials” (should av been posted 2 months ago)

Thank God for the New Year. Had a long leave over the Xmas break. Felt like I should stop working full-time. But like I told a colleague, the only problem with that is that company I work for will stop my salary, otherwise I see no obstacle to free-lancing full-time.

OK, nearly lost my right knee on an okada who ran into a car after miscalculating the speed at which the car was moving – that was about the first week in December.
Walked away but throughout the Xmas holiday, the knee felt really tight and uncomfortable. Still feeling something down there but much better. I guess I will have a full-body MRI or CT-scan sometime in the future.

Now I am hooked on Desperate Housewives. The drama is just engaging. I am going through Season 2 at the moment. Prison break is great too. I had promised myself that I wasn’t going to watch season 2. I felt a single season is enough based on the premise of the film and I wasn’t going to be held hostage by another 24 a.ka. Jack Bauer which I finally came to my senses and gave up watching mid-way into season 4. Heroes – season 1 was great, the TV/Network people as usual wants to ring as much cash from the cash-cow as possible by making as many seasons as possible until people get fed up with it and lose interest and the TV ratings fall. I am on episode 5 into Prison Break season 3 now. I will pick up Heroes later when there is enough episodes to watch at a stretch (which I prefer to the one episode per week approach)

New Year, new things, new resolutions – what? who? when?

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