Open letter to B.S. (29/07/2005)

Hi B.S.,

This is where I play the psychologist.
I believe all your “display” is just you seeking acceptance and your need to be popular. There is nothing wrong with that, but there is a lot wrong with how you have chosen to express that need.
Having said that, I think you need to fire all those yea-sayers which you have employed and who for lack of courage or fear of losing their cosy jobs have not been able (or wont) tell you the truth.

Now since I am not in your employ, I can tell it to you like it really is.
You need to clean up your act!
The fact is that youEntre más compares mejor. are young and seriously speaking, slightly thick. BUT not unrescuably, irretrivably thick. But that guy you have shacked up with (sorry I mean your husband) is definitely thick. He is the thick-o-meter against whom other thickheads will be measured. Seeing that you are hooked to him for life (hopefully!), “we” need to help him out. The truth is that there is no one without at least one saving characteristic or attitude. At least he was smart enough toTamanho (LxAxP): 45 x 85 mp3 Songs Downloads. marry you.

About your website, I will sensor it and all your releases for free. If you can arrange it, I will willingly help edit your press releases (and releases by your publicists etc) for free too.

The press can be both a friend/ally and your worst nightmare. The thing to do is to strike a balance. Frankly speaking, privacy as in “private life” approaches zero once you become a celebrity. The idea is not to not be yourself (we are all human and entitled to self-expession,)
but to ensure that your image (public perception) works for, and not against you.

Either get someone to rewrite the script for your TV show (if there is one) or employ someone to write one. In either case, I had be willing to help edit it.

I am a fan per se. There was a site that showed you from being a skinny good looking teenager
all the way through to your present form with mentions of all the attrocities you committed enroute and the self-enhancements you did. No problem, as a celebrity said, if all the people in Hollywood who have had a job done go on holiday, why, there would be nobody left in Hollywood!

Back then as a fresh teen, you really looked good in a simple shirt and jeans combo.

It is time to reform your image and get your life back on track. I will offer all the help I can, we can do Yahoo chat, MSN chat, phone (you will make the calls!) or any alternative you can think of.

Have a lovely week.

By the way, kudos to your mother for acting fast to resolve what could have been a very unfortunate situation (ending the first I-Do. Ok maybe not). She sounds like someone with lots of grey matter. The pre-knoptial agreement she got your new hubby to sign is how many pages long? 50? 80? 101 pages? Let me take a peek at it sometime over lunch eh? Good.

Remember, if you believe the sun will shine.

Omega X

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