Vista No-Star

I am not an MS-basher.
The MS money-making juggernaut has one simple but effective formula – make a software full of holes and performance issues and sell it
to the consumer; then make another set of software to fix the issues of the original software and sell it to the same set of consumers for more money. Don’t worry if they complain, what arethey gonna do? Start using Apple MAC or Linux? Whinnying pushovers and ninnies all!

And talking of performance, all good system users at my end realised long ago the mirage that is the Microsoft Vista Welcome screen
when the system is powered on. It seems since MS knows that one of the criteria for judging how responsive a system is – is how fast
it boots up, they decided to just put up the welcome screen up there as fast as possible, then continue the boot up process in the
background for another 2 minutes or so, during which time the unsuspecting but surprised users make many attempts to login by pressing
CTRL+ALT+DEL only to wonder why the “keyboard appears to be dead”. Now I just chill for some time after the initial welcome screen is
displayed before attempting to logging. Why punish the HP hardware for Microsoft’s sins. On the other hand, since there is a conspiracy
between all of the hardware OEMs and MS to rip off the consumer, I think I should go right ahead, but then who comes out the winner
when I have to replace the keyboard on my laptop – it’s a lose-lose situation for the consumer.
Then there is always Linux, or $30 Mac OSX on a regular PC (“Hackintosh” 🙂

And since I am not an MS basher, I wont encourage you to go to to see what other disgruntled users are up to.

Try vlite – though not recommended by MS, it may just help you to trim some but not all the fat off the bloatware that is Vista.

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